Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going off to College.

Leaving home is such a scary experience but, it is also one of the best! I know that I am so scared to leave home and be away from my mom! but you have to remember all of the studying and "training" that we have received in preparation for this day. And for those of you in which are staying home for a year or two, be thankful that your parents are allowing you to stay at home, and yes maybe some of you are being forced to stay home because your parents are making you or you got into a community college that doesn't have housing; just remember everything happens for a reason and this could only better your life! Stay strong 2010 and remember you have friends everywhere!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wait.... What even happened?! Whered it all go?! Why does everything go from perfect, to nothing?! Why does life have to be so confusing?! Please one more time, one more time to make it right again! I can wait , no rush take as much time as you need! I will always be here...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everyday life.

People are the puppets of the earth and we can't control it because our life is not in our hands or in our power to master! It seems that people try to break free of the mold but only about a hand full of the population do! Tradition , religion , etc. some people are stuck in the mold or those things! If you meet somebody that can break free and be themselves then please give them a high-five or even a hug! And there shouldn't be hate in the world if everybody could just man up and shake some body's hand and or admit that they were wrong then maybe , just maybe there would be no wars or hate crimes and such!

P.S. if you read this and you find something that you don't agree with please e-mail me and tell me your thoughts! (

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life... ; such a little word but such a huge thing! Not even the smartest person in the world can tell you what it means how to live it! Some people don't ever figure it out and most never will! LIFE! Love it , hate it? Who cares just live it how you please!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Come and Gone.

What a good year was 2008. I will miss it and all of the memories and lessons that came fromit! That past brought me many new friends and amazing people plus lessons. So many things happened to me that I could have never imagined( both good and bad). It gave me lots of opportunities that betterd my career. It was a very long year but totally worth it! I grew , matured and shed my old self and became such a better person! I will never forget last year. I might be rambling but it is so hard to put last year into words! My life has overall changed for the better! And now i would like to welcome more events that will hopefully turn into good memories! And for all of the wonderful friends i made this year thank you for helping me through all of my hardships and good times as well.
To all of the people who read this I hope that you had an amazing 2008 like me and an even better 2009!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

how did i do it? if you asked me that question right now i couldnt answer that question! because i don't know how and guess what?! i'm still not done! the holiday season (october-janurary 1st) is very hard for vegetarians do to all of the feasting that we do! but i have a lot of faith in myself and the other vegetarians in the world! but for you non-vegetarians out there have fun and be safe this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For some wierd reason love is a very complicated subject for anybody! No matter of creed , color , or orientation! But for reason teenagers have a harder time with it! There is no explination , scientific or any at all for that matter! But i believe that i have found a reason. People might also have this explination but i just thought of it for me so piss off! My expliantion is that teens have more trouble with love that adults because they don't quite know what they want yet! Such that we don't know what will make us happy some are just coming into there feelings and some don't know which sex they like. Eventhough they might think know what they want or who they want they don't , everybody thinks they know what they want but for real now , we don't!